Information for Performers

This page is intended for individuals or bands who are performing at The BlueCow Underground. We’ll keep it short and to the point.

Our mission is to provide a performance space where local performers, especially new and emerging talents, can play in front of a live audience. We shoulder all the costs so that the shows can be free for attendees with the goal of introducing the performers to as many people as possible. Our atmosphere is laid back but we do have a few guidelines performers and guests are expected to follow.

Please read everything. If you have questions, hit is up on Facebook or e-mail

  • Concerts start at 7:30pm for a five-act show and 8:00pm for a four-act show. Shows end no later than 12:00am. Details on times are included on the show flyer distributed for each show. Our location is rural but we do have neighbors. To keep them happy(ish), we pull the plug at midnight. No exceptions.
  • Performers are expected to be at the venue no later than 6:00pm in order to load in, do sound checks and get important information before the show.
  • Shows are free to attend so there is no door fee. Performers are compensated a set amount for travel expenses. Individual performers will be compensated $30. Duos will be compensated $50. Bands of three or more will be compensated $75. We do have a dedicated area for merchandise sales and tip jars are also encouraged.
  • Sets will last 35-40 minutes, unless a shorter or longer set is agreed upon before the show. There will be approximately 20 minutes between sets for transitions.
  • We can accommodate all musical gear, analog and digital, either through the house or in conjunction with performers’ own equipment.
  • We have a full DMX lighting environment with washes, fog effect, spots, chases, lasers, strobes, derby lights and more.
  • Lighting scenes and all sound settings, including levels, will be managed by The BlueCow Underground staff. No exceptions.
  • Smoking and vaping are allowed in the venue and on the grounds.
  • Alcohol is permitted for legal adults, 21 years old or older, in the venue and on the grounds.
  • Marijuana use is permitted for legal adults, 21 years old or older, on the grounds only, not in the venue.
  • Underage consumption of alcohol is not permitted.
  • Illegal drugs are not permitted. Leave ’em at home.
  • Performers and guests are expected to be courteous to one another and simply have fun and enjoy the show. Anyone whose conduct is considered inappropriate will be ejected from the grounds.

Show schedule for a four-act show:

  1. 8:00 – 8:40
  2. 9:00 – 9:40
  3. 10:00 – 10:40
  4. 11:00 – 11:40

Show schedule for a five-act show:

  1. 7:30 – 8:05
  2. 8:25 – 9:00
  3. 9:20 – 9:55
  4. 10:15 – 10:50
  5. 11:10 – 11:45

We hope to spread local talent to as many in Southwest Missouri as we can, and we sincerely appreciate that you’re a part of our mission.

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